Seamlessly integrates

Seamlessly integrates with Firebase

Developers love Firebase. It’s fast, secure and reliable. The only thing Firebase is missing is a content management system. But the wait is finally over.
We've developed an interface that seamlessly integrates with Firebase to effortlessly serve up content. It's easy to use, so it's perfect for content managers and coders alike.

Harness the Power of Firebase with these Flamelink Features

Content Customizability

Flamelink removes the guesswork by allowing you to create the content models you want via the CMS you need.

Frontend Flexibility

Put your best foot forward by coding in your favourite framework. Flamelink isn't judging.

Realtime Updatability

The seamless integration between Flamelink and Firebase means you can add your content and with one click, it’s out there.

Take Flamelink for a spin.