New to Flamelink but already have an existing Firestore project? Learn More about Flamelink’s Extended Data Manager (EDM)

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Saves you Time and Money

  • Faster Setup

    Set up your content schemas in minutes so content teams can get started right away.

  • Faster Onboarding

    Flamelink makes it easy for Developers to hook up to Firebase, and its intuitive interface has a familiarity that makes it effortless to onboard content teams.

  • Faster Project Iteration

    Because Flamelink works so well with the powerful Firebase engine, it’s easy to take your project from POC to Production.

  • Faster Performance

    Leveraging the power of Firebase
& Google’s Cloud Technology, Flamelink is inherently fast.

Flexible Content and Integrations

  • Headless API

    Flexibility comes standard with Flamelink due to its headless architecture. This means you’ve got flexibility in the types of content you can utilise.

  • Multi-Environment

    With Flamelink’s Multi-Environment feature, you can retrieve content from one place to serve up on different devices and content experiences.

  • Multi-Language

    Flamelink’s Multi-Language feature let’s you build your App in any language and take it to market to a global audience.

  • Webhooks

    Set up specific event triggers you’re interested in, where and how we should let you know, and Flamelink does the rest.

Improved User Management

  • Granular User Permissions

    You can open up, or lock down certain content types as much as you need to with Flamelink’s advanced user roles and permissions feature.

  • It’s Collaborative

    Flamelink makes it easier for developers and content managers to work together - So developers can keep on building amazing features, while content teams can start uploading content as soon as Flamelink is hooked up to Firebase.

The easy-to-use, Intuitive, Content Interface for Firebase.

Get Started

Secure and Scalable

  • Scalable Growth

    Let Flamelink grow with you, your project and your team. Get more environments, users, languages and other awesome features - until then, you only pay for what you need.

  • Scalable Projects

    Flamelink doesn’t limit the scaling of Firebase, so rest assured your content can scale with your backend as needed.

  • Scalable Content

    Trying to manage too much content in the Firebase console presents a challenge for developers and content teams alike. Flamelink makes it easy to scale the size of your project by handling content in an easy-to-track manner, laid out in our intuitive interface.

  • Code & Content Separation

    Separate your content from your code, by limiting users to access to specific content types, keeping your backend code base safe and sound.

  • Firebase Security

    Enterprise-ready Firebase security rules for Storage bucket and DB

  • Firebase Authentication

    Leverage the tried-and-tested Firebase Authentication within any application to ensure data ownership

  • ML / AI

    Utilise Firebase’s cutting edge ML and AI capabilities, with Flamelink managing your content.

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