Integration with Firebase

If you thought Firebase was powerful...
  • All content is stored within the Firebase real-time database
  • All media is stored within the Firebase storage buckets
  • User management integrates with Authentication services of Firebase
  • Menus are stored as data in the Firebase database
A user interface so easy to navigate, even a monkey could do it. With their eyes closed. And maybe with some training from our super helpful user guides.
  • Drag and Drop Menu Builder
  • Sortable to set hierarchy with sub menus
  • Add Custom Classes
  • Create Multiple Menus

User Management

Ensure the right person, is able to complete the right action is a full time job. Ammiright?
  • Add and Manage Users & Permissions

Flexible Content Types

Content types so Flexible they belong in your local yoga class.
  • Create your own content types
  • Drag and Drop content (schema) builder

Media Management

It’s so easy to manage content, you may consider crossing over to the Content Management Dark Side. If only for a moment.
  • Integrates with Firebase Storage buckets
  • Create folders
  • Auto resizing of images
  • Any File types

Relational Data Fields

More relational than your Mom around the holidays. Give her a call some time.
  • Reference Data from different content types

Javascript SDK

  • Easier for Web Developers to work with content

Upcoming Features


While your content managers freak out because they think they’ve lost all their content, you calmly take a sip of your coffee and roll back to the last backup made.


We know you don't make mistakes, but it’s nice to know that if you did, it won’t be on your live project for the world to see.

Multi-language Support

Podrá construir proyectos en diferentes idiomas en un futuro próximo

User control settings (such as image sizes, etc.)

Additional Content Type Fields

Firebase Features

We’re huge fans of Firebase, Google’s solution for Developers. It’s one of the reasons we built Flamelink. We believe that our solution will help Developers and Content Managers to maximise the powerful features of the Firebase engine and so that more projects can benefit from Firebase, Flamelink and how they work together. If you’re new to Firebase, check out some of its amazing features below:

Realtime Database
Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Crash Reporting
  • Test Lab for Android
  • Google Analytics
  • AdMob
  • Adwords
  • Dynamic Links
  • Remote Configuration
  • App Indexing