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We know that when it comes to working with a new technology or framework, it’s vital that you have someone to lean on. Flamelink, a Firebase CMS, offers our users a range of Support options best suited to their individual needs and based on the plan they’ve selected.

Support Level 1: Community Support & Documentation We have a vibrant Flamelink Slack community who are fantastic at answering questions, sharing advice and helping one another get started with Flamelink. You can also head over to Flamelink's Help Centre to read our comprehensive documentation.

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Please Note: Community Support & Documentation is available on all Flamelink plans.

Support Level 2: Basic Support In-app support desk via Intercom with the team from Flamelink answering your questions about Flamelink. Typically these questions are answered within 48 hours.

Please Note: Basic Support is only available to Firestarter, Bonfire and Inferno plan users.

Support Level 3: Priority Support You’ve got a massive project with a tight delivery deadline. Our Priority Support Engineers are standing by to assist with any issues you run into. We endeavour to respond to these queries in 24 hours or less via our in-app support desk for you and your team.

Please Note: Priority Support is only available to Inferno, Wildfire & Solar Flare (custom) plan users.

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