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A Cross-Platform, Multi-Language app built with Flamelink, Firebase & Flutter

FarmSmart is an agricultural, farming app that empowers smallholder farmers across the continent of Africa to make the most of their plots of land. Using an immersive, step-by-step learning experience to educate farmers on the best-practices of farming, FarmSmart aims to leverage the tech revolution in Africa to provide an alternative to conventional approaches to boosting agricultural productivity.


Given that the app's most important feature is the sustainable, agricultural content developed and carefully curated by agricultural experts from each of the regions FarmSmart are working in, they needed an easy-to-use content interface for their non-developer team members to be able to quickly manage content.


The FarmSmart team and their partners decided to build their app on Firebase, and as such, needed an CMS interface that seamlessly integrated with Firebase right away, but also offered them the potential to scale their app and content needs as their offering expands into multiple regions with multiple languages.


Flamelink gave the FarmSmart team an easy-to-use interface for the non-developer content providers to effortlessly manage content in Firebase. The flexibility of Flamelink gave FarmSmart the ability to continually adapt their content to display complex content on their app, allowing them to trial and test different content formats. With much of their content provided by third parties with unique requests on how they would like their content displayed, this flexibility is essential.


  • Flamelink: The Firebase CMS as an interface for FarmSmart's content providers.
  • Firebase: Mobile-focused serverless cloud platform providing secure centralised data storage, data processing and connectivity.
  • Cloud Firestore: A flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Cloud Platform: Administering Firebase for security, backup and restore.
  • Flutter: Front-end toolkit supporting fast and affordable development across Android and iOS.


  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Environments
  • Multiple Languages
  • Schema Builder
  • Media Manager


“At FarmSmart, we aim to connect smallholder farmers globally with organic and sustainable agricultural knowledge. In order to reach more communities we are continuously adding content in multiple languages. Due to our need to add content, often at short notice, it was important for us to have a platform that was suitable for non-developers. It had to be flexible, easy to use and adaptable. Flamelink has been all of these things and has enabled us to work faster and reach more farmers globally”.

Emma Hooper - Product Manager - FarmSmart