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Flamelink’s Theming & Branding feature lets you customize the default Flamelink User Interface colors and logo, and offers you or your clients a bespoke experience based upon your specific Corporate Identity.

Flamelink’s Theming feature lets you easily update and customize the interface colors. This feature is available on all paid Flamelink subscriptions.

Flamelink’s Branding feature allows you to update the interface to show your logo, company name & email, and is available exclusively to our Wildfire & Solar Flare customers.

These customisations are great for enterprise teams (or teams of any size) that wish to offer their teammates and clients a seamless experience that feels like the powerful Flamelink interface is all part of the same user experience.

Theming and branding can also be further combined with Flamelink’s Direct Project Login feature to give your users a near white-labeled experience.

*Please note: Flamelink's Branding feature is available exclusively to our enterprise plans: Wildfire & Solar Flare

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