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A really valuable feature that our users have found is Flamelink’s Direct Project Login feature. This allows your users to log into your Flamelink project directly without first having to register or log in to Flamelink. This allows for a simplified onboarding process, especially for non-technical users or clients and streamlines their access to your Flamelink project so they can get started with managing content right away.

By combining Flamelink’s Direct Project login feature with our custom Branding and Theming features, you can offer your CMS users a bespoke, seamless, almost white-label experience that feels like a custom-built platform.

To learn how to enable Direct Project Login, you need a valid service account and to follow the steps set out in our documentation.

Key Features

  • Faster Onboarding

    Flamelink makes it easy for Developers to hook up to Firebase, and its intuitive interface has a familiarity that makes it effortless to onboard content teams.

  • Faster Setup

    Set up your content schemas in minutes so content teams can get started right away.

  • Shorter Delivery Timelines

    Because Flamelink works so well with the powerful Firebase engine, it’s easy to take your project from POC to Production.

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