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Accelerated development & delivery with Flutter, Firebase and Flamelink

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Flutter is Google’s open-source, UI toolkit used to develop cross platform apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. The rise in popularity of Flutter in recent years has seen many Developers and Engineers turn to Futter to help build and launch their applications faster, and with smaller, more agile, more efficient teams.

Firebase, a platform developed by Google to help Developers quickly develop high-quality mobile and web applications. This powerful backend service and it’s product ecosystem compliments the rapid development opportunities offered by Flutter.

What about content?

Enter Flamelink, the Firebase CMS. Flamelink gives developers and their content teams an easy-to-use interface/admin panel to manage content and data (and even users) in Firebase.

✓ Flamelink is Headless
✓ Flamelink is Adaptive
✓ Flamelink is Secure, Scalable and Speedy
✓ Flamelink is easy-to-use for Content Teams
✓ Flamelink is quick to set up and configure for Dev teams

Flutter, Firebase & Flamelink in Action

We’ve seen a number of projects leveraging the powerful combination of Flutter, Firebase and Flamelink already including:

FarmSmart: A cross-platform, multi-language app built with Flamelink, Firebase & Flutter. Learn more.

Awakening App: By utilising Firebase, Flamelink and Flutter, a very small Dev team launched an app for both Android & iOS in just 5 weeks. Learn more.

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