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Need Webhooks for content in your Firebase project? Flamelink, the Firebase CMS has got you covered.

Webhooks (aka web callbacks / reverse APIs), is a powerful tool that allows applications to communicate certain events that take place in that application. In the context of Flamelink this could be anything from a schema update, a newly created content entry, disabling a user, or any other event that would normally take place in the process of content management.

Leveraging Flamelink's data flexibility, our Webhooks feature allows you to set up event triggers you are interested in, where and how we should let you know, and Flamelink will do the rest.

You have full control of the data payload so that you can customise the structure in the way that the API requires.

In a nutshell, if the service can receive an HTTP request, Flamelink’s Webhooks feature allows you to integrate with it. So whether you’re kicking off a new build on your CI server when content changes, broadcasting a notification on Slack, trigger email campaigns & SMSs, notifications when a contact form is submitted, or integrating with a complex bespoke API, Flamelink lets you do this and our Webhooks feature keeps you posted!

How to set up Webhooks in Flamelink, the Firebase CMS

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