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A Schema (also known as a content type).

Flamelink’s Schema Builder allows you to structure your content in the most optimal way for your application. Think of it as a tool to create templates for your different data.

Flamelink’s Schema Builder gives you the freedom to choose the types of fields you need, the order in which you need them, and the validation required on each field.

Flamelink offers a number of basic and advanced Schema Fields. For more on our Schema Fields, please refer to our documentation.

Basic Fields

  • Field group
  • Select
  • Radio
  • True / False
  • Checkbox
  • Switch
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date Time Local
  • Color Picker
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • WYSIWYG (CK Editor)
  • Markdown Editor
  • Media
  • Number
  • Range
  • Email
  • Password

Advanced Fields

  • Location
  • Linked text
  • Tag
  • Select (Relational)
  • Tree (Relational)
  • Repeater
  • Field Templates
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Image Deck
  • Blog

Key Features

  • Code & Content Separation

    Separate your content from your code, by limiting users to access to specific content types, keeping your backend code base safe and sound.

  • Faster Setup

    Set up your content schemas in minutes so content teams can get started right away.

  • It’s Collaborative

    Flamelink makes it easier for developers and content managers to work together - So developers can keep on building amazing features, while content teams can start uploading content as soon as Flamelink is hooked up to Firebase.

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