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We know how important it is to ensure that your project’s content remains secure and that project owners are able to ensure that only the right person is able to complete the right task.

Flamelink’s roles and permission groups feature gives you full control over what each content editor is allowed to do in the app. You can narrow the access levels of users by creating specific permission groups and assigning users accordingly.

For more information on permissions and roles, please check out our documentation that covers:

  • How to create a new permission group
  • How to allocate a permission group to a user
  • How to set the default permission group

Key Features

  • User management Roles & Permissions

    Need multiple users working on you project at once? Flamelink’s got you covered. And with granular permission settings, you can control exactly who gets access to which content types.

  • Firebase Authentication

    Leverage the tried-and-tested Firebase Authentication within any application to ensure data ownership

  • Granular User Permissions

    You can open up, or lock down certain content types as much as you need to with Flamelink’s advanced user roles and permissions feature.

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