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Flamelink’s Multi-Environment feature is ideal for Developers who want to have multiple different environments with different types of content. This is particularly helpful if you’re building a project that serves different content types or experiences to different devices/platforms - like an App, a website and a Smartwatch for instance. It’s also massively beneficial for users who want to test out different content types in a staging environment, before releasing it into production.

Typically, you’d have to have multiple Firebase projects created, jumping back and forth between them, trying to keep track of changes, or remembering to update the changes you’ve made elsewhere. Flamelink helps you with this by keeping all your content in one place, only extract the data you need for specific projects. We’ve built this feature in such a way that you’re able to effortlessly pull/push data from your various environments with the click of a button.

Our Multi-Environment feature is also completely customizable, allowing you to name each environment individually and comes with built-in safety measures so you can limit certain users to specific environments.

Flamelink's Multiple Environment Feature

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