Harness the Power of the Firebase engine with these Smoking Hot Flamelink Features.

It's so Easy!

Take a peek under the hood and see all the face-melting Flamelink features that come out the box, and which ones we're currently tinkering away on.

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Flexible Content Types

More flexibility than your Mom's Thursday morning yoga class, Flamelink helps manage any content types you can think of. Promise.

Edit Content

User & Permission Management

No use crying over spilled milk if you've left the fridge door wide open. Ensure only certain people can reach all the way into the back where the sweet coding treats are kept.


Media Management

So easy to manage content, you may consider crossing over to the Content Dark Side. If only for a moment.



A user interface so easy to navigate, even Nessie could do it. With his eyes closed. And maybe some training from our super helpful user guides.


More Features

Flamelink SDK's

The Flamelink SDK's understands how the Flamelink CMS' data is structured. This simple tool retrieves content from Firebase without needing to handle any complex data structures.

Relational Data Fields

Firebase's Tree format makes it tricky to indicate what data relates to what. As we know, Firebase has a NoSQL DB, but our end-users need relational data in the real world. So we solved this by creating Relational Data Fields that allows users to update content in one place, affecting change in related data.

Firestore Support

You've asked for it, and we've delivered. Flamelink now supports Firestore.

Cloud Firestore is massive. It allows you to store your data in the cloud to sync across multiple different devices, share it amongst different users, support for offline mode as well as impressive security features to lock yo data down.


While the best testing environment is a production environment, clients and PMs dont seem to agree. Test great ideas in a staging/sandbox environments before pushing to live.

Coming Up


Easily get notified of any content changes within your project. Webhooks give you the power to integrate with any other service ranging from kicking off builds, sending out chat notifications and more!


Take control of your team processes and enable workflows within your team. Set business processes where tasks, information or content are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

Harness the power of the Firebase Engine and all of it's incredible Features

We're huge fans of Firebase, Google's solution for Developers. It's one of the reasons we built Flamelink. We believe that our solution will help Developers and Content Managers to maximize the powerful features of the Firebase engine and so that more projects can benefit from Firebase, Flamelink and how they work together.