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We’re big on Flexibility at Flamelink. That’s why we’ve built the Custom Links / Extensions feature to allow users to customize or Extend Flamelink with Custom Links by creating in-app shortcuts to frequently used content types or specific entries or extending Flamelink with your own apps. Flamelink currently supports 4 different types of Custom Links:

- New Window: Opens a new browser tab with the URL specified - In-App Link: Links to sections within Flamelink - Modal: Opens a modal window with a fresh load of the URL specified every time - Extension: Opens a persisted window (does not reload on open/close) with the specified URL and additional settings

For a detailed tutorial on How to set up a Custom Link in Flamelink - please refer to our documentation.

Key Features

  • Faster Project Iteration

    Because Flamelink works so well with the powerful Firebase engine, it’s easy to take your project from POC to Production.

  • Scalable Content

    Trying to manage too much content in the Firebase console presents a challenge for developers and content teams alike. Flamelink makes it easy to scale the size of your project by handling content in an easy-to-track manner, laid out in our intuitive interface.

  • Scalable Projects

    Flamelink doesn’t limit the scaling of Firebase, so rest assured your content can scale with your backend as needed.

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