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Flamelink tightly integrates with a number of Firebase’s products and services including Firebase Authentication. This allows you to manage which of your Firebase project’s users are also able to manage content/data with your Flamelink project’s Content Interface.

When you sign up for a Flamelink account and add your new project, you are automatically the owner of the project. As the project owner, you can invite other users to collaborate with you on your Flamelink project.

CMS users could be anything from the Developers and Engineers that are setting up or configuring your Flamelink project with either Firebase’s Realtime Database or Cloud Firestore, content manager and editors responsible for creating, reading updating and deleting content with your Flamelink project, or your client, who would like to be involved in managing this content.

Key Features

  • User Management & Permissions

    Need multiple users working on you project at once? Flamelink’s got you covered. And with granular permission settings, you can control exactly who gets access to which content types.

  • Faster Project Iteration

    Because Flamelink works so well with the powerful Firebase engine, it’s easy to take your project from POC to Production.

  • It’s Collaborative

    Flamelink makes it easier for developers and content managers to work together - So developers can keep on building amazing features, while content teams can start uploading content as soon as Flamelink is hooked up to Firebase.

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