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We know how important it is to stay on top of new tools and frameworks to help our teams deliver faster, stronger, and at a higher quality. That’s why we’ve built Flamelink, the Firebase, and GCP CMS for both the Realtime and Cloud Firestore databases. Flamelink seamlessly integrates with Firebase to give non-developer content editors and clients an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to make managing content in Firebase a dream for any team.
With the versatility of the Firebase and Flamelink stack, we’ve seen it being used by developers around the world to build PWA's, iOS and Android apps, AR and VR platforms, Websites, Blogs, and eCommerce platforms, as well as IoT, AI and Machine Learning applications.

The easy-to-use, Intuitive, Content Interface for Firebase.

Key Features

  • Multiple Environments

    Send bespoke content to different devices like your website, app and smart device, or test content in staging before pushing it live.

  • Multiple Languages

    Update your content in any language you can think of with Flamelink’s powerful Multi-language feature.

  • Webhooks

    Set up specific event triggers you’re interested in, where and how we should let you know, and Flamelink does the rest.

  • Workflows

    Create custom workflows depending on your project’s needs. Build in different approval status’ to ensure the right content goes live, or automatically transition content from draft to publish.

  • User management Roles & Permissions

    Need multiple users working on you project at once? Flamelink’s got you covered. And with granular permission settings, you can control exactly who gets access to which content types.

  • Scalable Projects

    Flamelink doesn’t limit the scaling of Firebase, so rest assured your content can scale with your backend as needed.

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