Match It Case Study


The Challenge

A pallet sourcing App, for clients, built to help users source large amounts of pallets near to them in order to complete deliveries instead of waiting for new pallets to be shipped from the suppliers factory, or involve the Chep call-center. Chep Match It utilises Realtime Database, Firebase authentication and Flamelink to take care of content.


The Solution

Our proposed solution was Google's Firebase combined with Flamelink, a headless CMS for Firebase. This gave Old Mutual a fast, secure, scalable solution with features not available to them at the time - an easy-to-use content management system to continuously add, manage and update content.

The Firebase & Flamelink solution gave our team the flexibility to quickly build the custom schemas needed, allowing our team to start development almost immediately, rather than losing precious time getting the backend set up.

We were able to deliver a polished, robust solution with the FrontEnd built on the latest Angular framework - a benefit of the Frontend Flexibility offered by Firebase and Flamelink.

Onboarding the Old Mutual team was also really easy, due to the simple way Flamelink's interface is set up.


The Results

Flamelink allowed our team to quickly set up content for this project, giving real time content updates and helped us deliver the World of Endurance platform in time for the 2017 Comrades Marathon.

The site was also a Specialist Publishing site finalist in the 2018 Bookmarks awards.